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January 20, 2022

Disabled commands

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Availability conditions control when commands can be shown to a user. You can use them to disable commands for different classes of user (like disabling admin commands for regular users) or making certain commands available in specific parts of your app.

Commands that aren't available are not shown in the bar by default, in either the empty state or search state.

Sometimes, that can be confusing for users. For example, what if a colleague told them to use a command but their user group didn't have access to it? To them, it would seem as though the command didn't exist.

Disabled commands fix this problem by showing unavailable commands to the user (disabled, of course) along with a reason explaining why the command is disabled. You can add a different reason for every availability condition attached to the command.

How to turn on:

  • Add an availability condition to a command
  • Set a "Reason" for why the command is not available to the user