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June 17, 2024

Tag, you're it! 🏷️

Type As, this one's for you. 

Organize groups of nudges by tags

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You can now use tags to group and organize nudges (like surveys, announcements, and checklists). We keep hammering on how much we care about targeting (dw, we'll stop when we abolish the last annoying pop-up 😈), but depending on how you use these tags, they can also make targeting easier.

Ok, how?

  • Group nudges you want to send to select segments of users (new customers, high risk of churn) and schedule them to be sent to those users.
  • Tag groups of nudges based on the team using them (growth, customer success) so they can filter and organize them.

CommandBar experiences now in HelpHub

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Until now, when your users would open HelpHub, they would only see suggestions for help docs they might need. That's useful. But you've built all these other relevant CommandBar experiences and we think they should see them. 

You can now add product tours, checklists, links to pages, and videos to HelpHub's rec set (that's the stuff that shows up when they open HelpHub).

HubSpot integration

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Big HubSpot stans over here at CommandBar. We even analyzed how it became a $32B marketing & sales behemoth on our blog a few months ago.

Only fitting to have HubSpot integrate with your CommandBar, too. 

How it works

  • Use your HubSpot data for audience targeting in CommandBar.
  • Send CommandBar events back to HubSpot to see them in your reports.