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April 1, 2021

Introducing the 4th command action: webhooks!

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In addition to link commands, callback commands, and click commands, you can now use webhook commands!

When a webhook command is executed, CommandBar will send a POST request to the specified API endpoint. The body of the POST request will include any arguments provided by the user.

Some ways you can use Webhook commands:

Trigger an external service via an API. For example, you could create a command to subscribe the user to a mailing list by POSTing to the Mailchimp or Sendgrid API. Trigger a workflow using a tool like Zapier. For example, you could create a command called "File a bug report" with a single text argument. When executed, that command could trigger a Zap workflow that posts to Slack and logs the report in Clubhouse.

How can I turn this on? 🛠

If you create a command or click into an existing one, you will see webhooks as an action type. Go here for more details on webhook commands.