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December 1, 2022

Nudge templates

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To make creating nudges easier, we're adding some pre-built templates that allow you to more easily create a nudge. We'll be adding more templates in the future, but we're starting:

  • Announcement, which is great for pointing out something important to users. For example, you could use this to tell users about a new item they need to take action on, or something like a required password change.

  • Feature highlight, which pins to an element on your page and can point out a feature to users. It attaches itself to any element on your page.

  • Upgrade nudge, which is a popover nudge that has a button. This is great for pushing users to perform some action, and brings the CTA front and center for them.

  • Simple notification, which is a popover nudge with no action. Use this as a toast-style notification to let users know non-critical information.

Remember that these are just templates — they can be customized after you create them in any way, including adding images, help documents, and other rich content.