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April 29, 2023

Personalize Nudges with User Variables

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Generic text → lifeless nudges 🥱

Personalized text → ✨ nudges that users notice ✨

Now you can personalize nudge text with user variables. User variables are a placeholder for dynamic content -- like a user's first name, the name of their company, or anything else that is specific to the current user.

Our rule of thumb: whenever you can personalize a message with user-specific info, you should. It gives your users confidence that your nudges are relevant to them and aren't just generic messages that should quickly dismiss.

To use a user variable, just type some curly-curly braces and boom, you're good to go! For example, you can use "Hello {{context.firstName}}" to dynamically generate a greeting that includes the user's name. CommandBar will autocomplete user variables that you've used previously or are variable. You may already be familiar with the fact that user variables work exactly the same way in commands, and we'll be brining them to the rest of the CommandBar platform soon.

And if you want to make more user variables available, check out our Segment integration (to scoop up many user properties at once) or ask an engineer to instrument a simple addMetadata call using the CommandBar SDK.