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September 17, 2021

"Power Select" for records

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CommandBar used to support two options for record search:

  1. You could auto-execute a default command when a record was selected. Most people used this to open the record.
  2. You could show the user all the possible commands that related to the record.


We’re now combining these two options and introducing a new feature called Power Select. For any record, you can now set a default command: this is the command that will get executed when a record is selected. However, users can also now power select by hitting cmd/ctrl + enter on the selected record. Power selecting will show the user all possible commands. This approach means users get the familiarity of “click to open”, but also the power of being able to quickly take action on a record.

Records can be configure to have "default" commands now!

How can I turn this on? 🛠

In the "Contexts" tab in the Editor:

  • Click the gear icon ⚙️for a record
  • Select "Make default" on a command