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May 22, 2022

Records and record actions

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Say hello to records and metadata, the offspring of context! Context is used to contain two types of data:

  • Searchable data -- that could show up in response to a query
  • User attributes -- used to build availability and recommendation conditions and other personalizations

To make developing on CommandBar easier, we've separated these two types of data into their own primitives. Records represent searchable data, and metadata represents user attributes. They each come with their own SDK methods. We've also restructured the Editor to reflect this change: records and metadata each have their own tabs.

Along with this change, we've also changed the way commands interact with records. Power select allows a user to first select a record and then perform a command on that record. So far, a command could show up as both a result in CommandBar and as an action to be used during power select. This didn't allow you to differentiate between the two: any command you created that used a record automatically became available for power select, and vice versa. Now, we're introducing another new concept -- record actions -- that gives you this flexibility. Commands show up in response to a user search; record actions show up when a user power selects. You can set up record actions from the Records tab of the Editor.