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April 8, 2024

🌶️ Copilot Personality

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Hey there,

As tempting as announcing dark mode on Eclipse Day would've been, today's product update is more exciting (and honestly, a lot more useful). Some of you might've already seen it and thought "dang, is AGI here already and has CommandBar achieved it?"

If you haven't, here's what I'm talking about.

Copilot's Personalities lets you customize how your Copilot answers questions and helps guide users. We know different companies have different styles and tones of addressing their audience, so we built Personalities to help customize your Sim — ahem, Copilot — to feel like it's part of your brand.

You can choose from templates like Professional, Friendly, and Warm, or create your own mix with Adjectives. I would like one Belligerent, Quarrelsome, Zealous Copilot, please. 😤

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You can also choose how talkative you want it to be by setting the length of the answer (short/long and thorough/conversational) and the response format (bullet points, paragraphs, etc). The previously known Prompt Modifier has also moved here and you can find it under "Custom instructions" (this is where you can ask Copilot to reply in different languages or append "Sir" at the end of its answers).

Play around with it and show us your most unhinged customizations.