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December 19, 2022


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We have a big new feature to announce: Questlists. Questlists can be used to bring your users through an onboarding flow, get them set up with a new feature, or push them to do certain actions or flows within your app:

Essentially, Questlists are chains of actions, nudges, or anything that your users can complete. For example, you could string together a number of different nudges that walk your users through turning on a new feature that you just released.

Each item in a Questlist has a title, description, CTA, and completion condition. You can define what the CTA does — for example; it could execute a command or bring the user to a certain page. Additionally, you can define a completion condition that controls when the item gets marked as completed. The completion condition can be when the CTA is clicked or something more complex.

Questlists, nudges, and commands all play well together — if you already have commands set up, nudges and Questlists are easy to add. Give Questlists a try, and let us know what you think!

Read more about Questlists in our documentation.