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March 22, 2021

Use custom icons in object search

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Want to show an avatar or other icons next to Quickfind records? Now you can!

Take a look at the following example: all we have to do is add an icon property for our record array.

const cereals = [
    label: 'Trix',
    value: 'trix',
    icon: '🐰',
    label: 'Lucky Charms',
    value: 'luckyCharms',
    icon: 'πŸ€',
    label: 'Cookie Crisp',
    value: 'cookieCrisp',
    icon: 'πŸͺ',
window.CommandBar.addContext("cereals", cereals);

How can I turn this on? πŸ› 

Set the icon property for records in context as illustrated above.