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March 4, 2024

📊 New Analytics dashboards

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CommandBar is not an analytics company, but today we're doing our best impression: announcing our completely overhauled analytics system.

Every single dashboard is new. In addition to being new, they are also much better:

  1. More actionable summary statistics

  2. Real-time (less than 1 minute of latency from your users' browser to yours)

  3. Non-annoying graphs to measure non-annoying assistance


See what your users are searching for and understand points of confusion so you can tweak and improve the Actions used in Spotlight. 

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HelpHub (and of course, Copilot)

Check out how your help content is doing. Are users reading the articles? Are they opening up resource links? Are there any popular searches you don't yet have content for?

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Announcement (and all other nudges) 

Are users seeing your nudges? How are they engaging with them?

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