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May 7, 2024

⚒️ We've upgraded your nudges (again)

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Welcome to the world's best changelog, an award bestowed upon Commandbar by the guy who writes that exact changelog. If I had to describe the past two weeks of product updates with one word, it'd be... nudges!

Here's some cool stuff we've built:

🎯Behavioral targeting

Paul built a way to target nudges based on previous nudge interactions. This makes it easier to offer personalized experiences:

  • Positive NPS score? Ask for a G2 review.
  • Onboarding survey role = engineer? Show code integration guide.
  • Customer searched/asked about “CSV”? Show a Nudge when this feature is live!

And many, many more.

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Mike made previewing nudges inside your product (or anywhere else) easier than ever: Just click this button, enter a URL and let the Chrome extension work its magic: your image alt text

⬇️CSV Export

Want to brag about your CommandBar results in meetings? Thank Shannon for your next positive feedback—because you can now download analytics as a CSV with this little button:

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📍 The Detail Dungeon

👤 Copilot avatar reset

It's really funny to upload Danny DeVito as your Copilot avatar, but you don't want to ship that to users. That's why you can now reset Copilot's avatar to default (ty Shannon): your image alt text

✅ Checklists²

Thanks to Maggie, checklists can now trigger other checklists, meaning you can trap users in an infinite checklist gauntlet. Or you could do the way-less- fun-but-way-more-useful thing of using a general checklist to launch a feature-specific one.

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That's it for this installation of the changelog. As always: Keep it user-friendly!

February 12, 2024

Spotlight 🤝 Copilot

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Two main changes coming to your nearest CommandBar this week. Let's get into it.

Spotlight + Copilot = 👯

We like to think CommandBar experiences are friends. And what do great friends do? They help each other. Thomas and Nicola brought Copilot and Spotlight closer together. Your users can now access the AI assistant whenever they use Spotlight to search something.

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Bulk select for Videos

Maggie has added a nifty new option to your Content tab so you can bulk select Videos you've imported and apply changes to all of them at once.

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January 15, 2024

🎯 Bringing content in one place and more targeting

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The first CommandBar updates of the year are here.

You might know about our obsession with easy-to-use, non-annoying software. Many of the features we ship are built with your users in mind. But that's not to say we don't care about you (we do 🥹). 

From time to time, we want to make sure that how you're setting up experiences in the CommandBar app is as clear as possible. So as a follow-up to our dashboard decluttering from December, we've done some more cleanup to help you find things easier.  But first... 

🥸 Let's talk atrocious product tours

Info for "Building product tours that don't suck" workshop

We're doing a deep dive into real-life examples of great and not-so-great product tours (we promise not to name and shame... much). Join us to learn how to build tours that your users don't dismiss immediately (or drop off before step 2).

Sign up here.

Now, onto the...

Product Updates

💫 Content, content everywhere

Traditionally, content you were bringing into CommandBar lived in many places (you were able to add stuff from HelpHub tab, Integrations, etc). This caused confusion. And we hate user confusion. So Maggie and Thomas brought everything together, in one place, under the Content tab.

Why should you care?

This makes it easier for you to find where to upload and sync things like help docs, website scrapes, answers, videos, and custom docs.

It also makes it easier for you to edit, sort, or filter this content (such as making a source available for training only or making it private).

🎯 When targeting nudges, you can now trigger “On event tracked” based on more detailed properties of the event. For instance, if a user clicks a button, instead of just responding to any button click, you can target the response based on specific properties of that event, like whether the button was for "checkout," "start now," or "pay now." Shoutout to Paul 👊 and keep your eyes peeled for more hyper-detailed tracking coming soon.

⏳ Wes added a new trigger for nudges: after time on page lets you define a period of time before you nudge a user with an experience (i.e. Show your shiny new feature 10 seconds after your user opens the app. You know, so you don't startle them.)

December 29, 2023

🦅 UI improvements, launch week, and prey birds

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Humblebrag alert. While most teams get lazy before the holidays, we were in full beast mode last week and launched five features that make nudges less annoying. That's on top of our regularly scheduled product improvements.

The CommandBar team also got together at our HQ in San Francisco to learn competitor empathy with the help of Peregrine Falcons. If that sounds unhinged, it's because it was. This LinkedIn post from our CEO, James, will clarify it.

I wanted the team to feel what it was like to have an apex predator rush towards them at full speed. I felt this would help them understand what it feels like to be in a competitive deal against CommandBar. “How are they moving so fast?” “Why are they so intense?” “I need to get out of here.”

🗓️ Launch week

We want you to stop annoying your users this holiday season with intrusive, untimely pop-ups. Here's how:

  • Snooze: your users can choose to snooze a nudge for a later time so they can still benefit from its contents without letting it get in the way.
  • Rage clicks: choose to display a nudge whenever your users seem frustrated and are repeatedly clicking an area on your product. This way, you can point them to the right place to get help.
  • Strike tracking: track users who seem annoyed based on how many times they've quickly closed a nudge without having had the chance to read it. You can use this dashboard to experiment with your nudges (customization, triggers, targeting) and improve your strike rate.
  • Rate limits: choose to limit the number of product tours, announcements, and surveys your users will see in a given period.
  • Draggable nudges: allow users to move around a nudge until they're ready to interact with it.

✅ HelpHub improvements

Kudos to Shannon for ensuring HelpHub now gracefully collapses when nudges or checklists are activated. RIP cluttered screens.

🍫 Simulate mode toolbar enhancements

Simulate mode for a nudge

Thanks to Wes, the toolbar now shows step counts in simulations, and a nifty pencil icon for quick edits. Making tour building twice as fast and half as frustrating.

😵‍💫 Nudge-ception handled

Nudges triggering other nudges will now show a simulate mode bar for those lost in the nudge matrix.

🔃 HubSpot two-way integration

We're now syncing data in both directions.

✨ Unified action menus

Maggie has worked her magic, and now there's a consistent, organized menu for actions across nudges, checklists, and more.

That's it for today. We'll see you soon.