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January 28, 2024

So. much. targeting.

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Believe it or not, between launching ShipLog (where you're reading this right now) and putting together our first-ever session of CommandTalks, we managed to ship some pretty cool stuff you should know about.  

🚢 The ShipLog has sailed

Last week was all about ShipLog, the new tool we launched to help you write beautiful changelogs quickly. If your 2024 resolution was to revive that changelog you haven't touched since 2014, this is your chance. 

🙂 Don't sleep on Spotlight 

Thanks to Thomas, you can now use Spotlight inside CommandBar to quickly jump to any Nudge (product tours, surveys, etc) or piece of content (answers, files, etc).

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🎯 More targeting?

We just can't stop. 

Paul is pretty serious about our quest to obliterate annoying nudges. We know how showing everything, to everyone, all at once, no longer works. So we want to let you be as specific and intentional as possible when showing a nudge to a user. 

This means that you can now use user properties (not just metadata) to target CommandBar experiences. If you're familiar with analytics tools, you'll probably know what these are. If not, you can think of them as attributes unique to each user. Things like roles, activity, preferences, or any specific information you know about your users. By using these, you make CommandBar experiences more relevant and less intrusive. 

January 23, 2024

Announcing: ShipLog

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We're excited to announce ShipLog 🚀

A beautiful changelog that celebrates the makers behind the features you ship, is effortless to update, and of course is optimized for SEO and social. We've reimagined what a changelog could be – simple, fun, and human.

ShipLog by CommandBar

Things you're going to love:

  • A lightweight editing experience
  • Markdown and rich media support
  • Schedule entries in advance
  • SEO and social optimized
  • Spotlight the builders behind each release

And of course it's free to try today: 🚀

February 22, 2022

New dashboards!

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Our dashboards at have received a major upgrade, courtesy of our friends at Explo!

Some features enabled by this upgrade:

  • Deadends shown by page
  • Brand new dashboards tracking New users and Opens
  • Improved date ranges
  • Sorting and filtering across all tables
  • Beautiful charts for all of the dashboards
December 31, 2021

CommandDetails: December 2021

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Here's a list of some of the smaller details we shipped in December 2021.

  • You can now prevent a user from being able to summon the Editor via "open editor" by passing in a flag to the boot method.
  • Added a loading state to category headers while fetching results to show they are being actively searched. If you have fast search functions you might not notice these :)
May 18, 2021

Two new event types

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Event handlers log CommandBar analytics events to your own database. You'll see two new events show up:

  1. closed (logged when the CommandBar is closed)
  2. opened (logged when the CommandBar is opened)

How can I turn this on? 🛠

If you use an event handler, you'll see these events automatically!